Everyone always told me that I would be different as a mom. I definitely definitely disagreed with this. Ha! I’m sure they area all laughing now. 

There was a joke when D and I did our DTS with YWAM Panama. If you see a bug in your drink, and get a new one, you’re a new missionary. If you see a bug in your drink, pick it out and drink it, you’ve been there a while. If you see a bug in your drink and drink it anyway, well, then you’re a lifer! Adapting to having a child seems a lot like that to me.

I never thought I would be the mom that would remove a boogie with my hand, guess what? I am. In a pinch you do what you have to. I still prefer tissues though.

It’s not just me.

Before Little G came along D wanted to get gloves to change his diaper. (Thankfully, that didn’t happen) After we had Little G if there was even a little spit up on D’s shirt, he got a new one. And let me remind you that Little G is a Reflux baby, we had lots of spit up! Wow have the times changed. While Little G was sitting with D on the couch, his diaper leaked just a small amount of poo onto D’s shirt. He cleaned it off with a diaper wipe and moved on. (SHOCKING!)

Later I asked him about this new side. His response…”It didn’t smell!” Ha ha.