Today I came across a really interesting article about kids using borderline curse words. Words like sucks, hate, frickin, God and even Jeez.

You might think that this isn’t something I need to worry about right now as Little G is 6 months old. You would be wrong.
This article really got me thinking about my language and what I truly portray to my child and those around me. Sure he isn’t speaking yet, but he is listening. He sees my tone and reactions to things.  How will I teach Little G to use his words and be respectful if I am not myself?
I have always considered myself to be fairly gentle in my language. Is this truly the case? My swears are few and far between, years even.  Sure I don’t say God in vain or use any of the hardcore 4 letter words, what about all the others.
I say hate and Jeez, sucks and crap, stupid, ugly…and probably many more that I haven’t even thought of yet. I never even think of where these words come from and what they truly mean. These borderline swears don’t even phase me As long as they aren’t the big hitters, I’m doing good , right?
How can I teach Little G to be respectful, when clearly I am not?
Now is the time to change, before he sees the potty mouth I have. Now is the time to learn to lead by example.
“Because I said so” isn’t good enough.