Mmmm…meatloaf is one of my favorite foods. The last time I made meatloaf, I used whatever I could find…Well, I guess I do this every time I make it…ha ha.

Anyway, I completely loved it the last time I made it, so much that I actually wrote down the recipe! This isn’t something I normally do. Actually, I think this was the first time. Occasionally it’s a bummer, because I make something great and I have no idea what I put in it.

Here is the recipe:

1-1/4 lb ground beef

1 cup garlic/butter croutons – crushed finely

1 egg

1 tbsp cranberry mustard (Old Cape Cod)* + 2 tbsp for glaze

1 1/2 tbsp pomegranate chipotle sauce (Tastefully Simple)*

1 1/2 tbsp ketchup + 2 tbsp for glaze

1 1/2 tbsp real bacon bits

*The brands are actually important to this recipe

Mix all the ingredients together. Take a 1 cup measuring spoon and fill it with the meat mixture. Pop this out onto a non-stick pan, repeat.

This will make 3 – 1 cup meatloaves.

Mix together ketchup and cranberry mustard to taste (I guessed at these measurements) for the glaze.

Cook at 400 for 25 min, add the glaze to the top and cook for another 10 min.