Ahhhhh! Laundry! I am so so very bad at doing laundry. I remember to wash it fine. It’s the putting away that I am terrible at. Poor D ends up living in piles of clothes more often than not.

Since having Little G this has become so much worse.

Here’s the problem. Little G still shares a room with us.  We have a 4 room, 700 sq. ft. house. I’m not complaining. I love this house, but it is tough trying to cram all of the randomness that we own plus the TON of things we have for Little G. We *try* to be good and not purchase anything we don’t need. Most of the things we have for him were Gifts. We have 2 bedrooms, but D works from home…so Little G shares with us. That means we have 2 dressers (D), one changer/dresser (G) and one wardrobe (Me). All of Little G’s diapers, towels, sheets clothes etc etc don’t fit in the changer alone, so I have given him the long side of my wardrobe. I added 2 little bars so I could hang most of his clothes. This sounds fine, but that leaves me with VERY little space to put all my clothing. Winter coat, dresses, shirts, pants, jeans, pjs etc.

So problem 1 is that it’s a nightmare to cram my clothes into my side of the wardrobe. Problem 2 is that when Little G is awake I am usually playing with him, feeding him, changing etc. I get most of my work done while he sleeps…in our bedroom.

Poor D, he is forever doomed to live with the piles of clothes.

On a very very happy note, we do have an upstairs we are trying to finish. 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. Woo hoo! (I’ll post some pics about that soon).

I bet you were thinking by the title that I would have some great strategy on winning the war with laundry. Nope, sorry. Today it’s just me whining about winning some of the battles, but truly losing the war.