These are my absolutely favorite cookies!! My good friend Jamy over at Don’t Look Down requests these all the time.

Before I share the awesomeness of this recipe I must tell you that “recipe” is a VERY strong word for how to make these.

This isn’t my own recipe, a friend of mine gave it to me years ago, and I think it may even be printed on the box now!

What you need:

  • 1 box Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix (I  like the Pillsbury brand the best for making cookies)
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/3cup oil
  • Cooking spray

Basically you will just eliminate the water from the recipe on the back of the box.

Mix together the cake mix, eggs and oil.

Spray your cookie sheet with non-stick cooking spray. Place dollops of the cake mix on the pan.

Bake these for 12-14 min at 400F. The edges of the cookies should be slightly browned when they are done.

Voila! Awesome cookies!

You can duplicate this recipe with pretty much any cake mix, White cake mix comes out very much like a sugar cookie! Mmmmm.

Quick Tip: To keep the cookies moist, wrap the plate in cling wrap while they are still warm.

Do you have an quick cookie recipes you can share? I am always looking for easy things to cook.

*Update – I have tried the Funfetti Cookies box from Pillsbury. The added ingredients are different and so is the end result. The cookies are not as soft as when using the cake mix and it makes fewer cookies.