Friday Finance

Week 4
2 days left. 2 DAYS LEFT!! Woo hoo!
I am so grateful for having done this month of no spending. We have truly learned quite a bit.
Yes, this has been tough. Quite a practice of discipline. D and I had many conversations on what was really important to spend money on and what was just frivolous. We have agreed on most things and disagreed on a few. (Shocking that we would disagree…) In the end though we both stuck to it.
I am hoping in a lot of ways that we will keep up what we learned. Here’s what this month has taught us.
  • It is possible for me to bring lunch to work. Although to be honest almost every morning it was D in his bathrobe making me a sandwich and throwing together the snacks.
  • I do not need to purchase every little cute thing I see for Little G.
  • It was shocking just how much we either ate out or had take out. Shocking!
  • It is possible to cook at home for a whole month and we didn’t starve or die.
  • I do not need the yummy Szechuan dumplings that I crave so often. (This is a hint to Monday’s dinner)
  • It’s surprising how much money we have left when we don’t spend it all on small things.

Another big bonus is that our bank account is doing so much better than it has since we had Little G.
So this essentially ends our month. D and I will still be good for the next 2 days, no worries. We are going to have our date night tomorrow though. Woo hoo! Mini golf and calamari here we come!
Thanks for following us through this.
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