D’s work computer has decided that it no longer wants to work.  3 times this week it has shut down due to overheating. A new computer is not exactly in the budget.

So what would any good set of geeks do? We googled how to help this sad computer.

1. We built a crazy contraption to raise the computer slightly off the desk and let some airflow under it.

2. D plans on downloading a program to tell him the temperature of the CPU

3. We bought some canned air for dusting out the innards of the computer.

3 seems to have slightly backfired. Right now D is using the canned air on his keyboard. That makes sense. 2 minutes ago he was running around the room dusting everything with the canned air. I mean everything. The shelves, baseboard heaters…even his guitar, which didn’t work by the way. And yes, in case you were wondering…he did turn on me. Totally disregarding the warning that the liquid  part could cause frostbite. Thanks sweetie!

The can is now ice cold and he keeps complaining that it’s freezing his hands, but does this stop him? Not a chance. This is a man with a mission and a new toy.

Things I have learned from this little endeavor.

1. Don’t give D canned air without supervision.

2. Canned air is not a good way to dust. Hello allergies!

3. Frostbite is nothing to worry about when tormenting your spouse.

4. While a 2 pack of canned air sale seemed like a good idea in Staples, I now realize the foolishness of this.