I recently came across a great foodie website that’s just starting up, Eye Candy food blog. One of the recent posts was a Chicken Egg Family of hard boiled eggs. They are adorable.

I decided to see if I could make these deviled eggs instead.

Here is my trial run for Easter.

Please note the changes I made just for the trial run:

  • I used 3 eggs instead of making the whole family.
  • I used peppercorns for the eyes because I didn’t want to open a whole can of olives for 3 eggs
  • I used red pepper for the lips instead of carrots because I only had super tiny baby carrots.

To Make the centers, I mashed up the egg yokes and added some Mayo and Dijon mustard. I kept the filling more on the firmer side so it would hold up.

They are best taken out of the carton using a spoon, but I am going to try and put something under them to raise them up a bit.

With the exception of the filling, I will be following all of the original instructions for Easter.

Don’t worry we taste tested these…Yum!

  • Jojo