We have entered a new phase with Little G. Frustrating at times, yes, but overall… so endearing.

Little G now seems to realize when we are leaving. He is noticing when we are there and when we have walked away. Sometimes, if we leave the room he gets very upset.

I’ve never quite experienced someone being so attached to me before. It’s amazing the obligation I feel to be right there at all times. To make sure he’s happy and to make sure that he knows he’s not alone and he’s loved.

I am especially fond of when he wakes up cranky. I know…crazy right? Not really. He’s so snuggly and only wants to be held. It’s such a great feeling. He’s normally so active that we don’t get much of this snuggly time before he’s on to bigger and better things. When he first wakes up in this mood he only wants you. You can’t put him down or else he gets so sad and cries. Poor little guy.

Sometimes this is tough if he wakes up while I’m cooking, or doing something else I can’t hold him for. But it’s all worth it. I keep trying to remind myself that he won’t want to snuggle forever so I should get in as many as I can now.

It’s funny…it’s like I can feel my heart growing bigger and bigger everyday.