Having Little G has turned parts of my personality on it’s head. Parts that I never expected to change.

I am territorial. I am jealous.

Today was a Grandma S day. While in my all day long training, I received an email from Grandma S.  The title of the email was “Little G is scooting”.


Noooo. He can’t do that there, he needs to do that at home. Where I can see him.

Unfortunately my blackberry wouldn’t show me the video because the file size was too big. So what did I do? I mean…I was desperate to see this. Like any good blackberry owner, wife and mother, I sent it to my husband.  Well D couldn’t open either. So the next logical step was that D needed to login to my email on an actual computer to see what this was. Right then.

I waited and waited.

Thoughts running through my head:

  • Noooo!
  • What did I miss?
  • Did he really?
  • Why not yesterday or tomorrow?
  • Noooo!
  • Maybe it wasn’t…
  • Grrr….Work!

Finally D got back to me and said that the video didn’t really show anything. Ugh.

I had to wait the entire rest of the day to figure out what happened.

Turns out he was only pushing a little with his head down on the ground. I have seen that before. Thankfully.

Whew, crisis averted! The big moment can still be mine!! Or D’s…I guess…

Did you miss any of the milestones and how did you deal with it?