Just so you know I love my husband…very much. But he drives me CRAZY sometimes. Especially first thing in the morning.

He is soooo SLOW! The man is like a turtle!!!

Our morning routine should look something like this.  I get up between 6:30 and 7:00 am. I get as much done as I can in this time. It means  showering if I need to, getting Little G’s medicine ready,  getting the daycare things together – changes of clothes, milk, fruit for rice cereal, etc. (I should do this at night but that’s another battle all together). At 7:00 am I wake Little G up, change his diaper, give him his medication and feed him. At around 7:30, D gets up to dress Little G, put him in his car seat, and help me if I need it. I take this time to get dressed and I am out the door by 7:45am.

Here’s what it really looks like.

I wake up at 6:50-7:00 am. Get Little G’s medication ready and run around the house until 7:00, maybe 7:05. At this point I wake up Little G, change his diaper, give him his medicine and feed him. Then it’s D’s turn. This is where the trouble is. D is half awake, groggy and usually a bit cranky. D gets up, and lumbers off to the bathroom…………………..comes back for Little G…………………brings him……..over…….to the changing table…………………and attempts to dress our little octopus. I do feel badly for D though, it’s not exactly fair to put him up against a completely awake, wriggling, turning and twisting crazy little boy. It’s a battle D just can’t win.

While this is happening I run around the house like a mad woman getting dressed and grabbing anything else I can remember that needs to go with me. If I only forget one thing I consider this race a success!

Back to D. It’s now 7:50ish and D is struggling to get socks on Little G. Finally! He’s dressed! D carries Little G out to the living room………….buckles him into his car seat…………………..and starts to wander back to bed.

Of course I, the last minute queen, am not ready so I need D’s help. This starts the major problems. I am in motion here people. And D… is not! I rattle off a list of things that I need help with and run off to the next one on the list. D in his cloudy slumber misses most of what I said. At this point he grabs the wrong thing or forgets things and I have to repeat it, my temper beginning to rise. But, I am exceedingly grateful he is helping so I clamp my mouth shut and attempt to control my tone. D is now a bit frustrated with my frustration…(It shows, I can’t help it). 

Of the 10 things I rattled off to D, 2 are done. I am dressed and ready to finish up and run out the door. I then start to do the things on the list myself. In our 700 sq. ft. house this means lots of walking around, getting by and waiting for someone to move out of the way. D is……………..going as fast……………as he…………….can.

All I can think is MOVE! I have things to do and places to go! This is, of course, in my head.

Finally we are done, packed and ready to go. Little G gets a kiss and I get a kiss and we are out the door!

What would I ever do without D?

  • Angie

    It must be a 'man' thing. Mine is exactly the same!! 🙂

  • Jamy

    My suggestion is to go to bed earlier so you aren't as tired in the morning… in a perfect world, that is! I'm hyper-sensitive to being on-time, so Ken and I get in many tiffs due to my frustration and his lack of concern over being late. It's a work in progress… but eventually it will be easier (like when G can dress and feed himself and make it to the bus without any assistance). that's only a few years away 🙂

  • MomRoad

    That is an all together different problem that I have. I have gone to bed no earlier than 1am this week. It's wearing on me!

  • Jill

    Fun blog! Found you on follow me Friday. Hope you'll follow back and enter both my current giveaways.