For Christmas Little G was given one of those fake fish tanks where the paper with the fish scrolls around.

This has been so amazing. He loves to look at his “fishies.” They help to calm him before bedtime and he has learned right where they are! It so cute to see him look for them when he wakes up from his naps.

That’s the upside.

This is the down side.

We have created a fishy monster. Anytime we attempt to change Little G he flips over. And if you try to flip him back…well…you better be up for a fight. He will scream bloody murder if he doesn’t get his way. It’s not so bad when he’s clothed or has a diaper on. It’s too bad that a changing table usually means we  are taking off his diaper. Then we have a naked  upside down little boy. Thankfully we haven’t had any puddles yet.

I’m not sure how to get him to stay face up. Any ideas?

  • LisaR

    Can you change him in his crib where he can see the fish while on his back?

  • MomRoad

    That's a really good idea, thanks!