Can anyone tell me? What…

Is on this turtle’s head?

  • Debbie

    I am not sure what is on the turtles head, maybe a toy airplane??

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  • shirley

    Totally not sure!! LOL

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  • anne – mommy has to work

    a fish? LOL
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    Anne –

  • Stacey @ Fun to Craft

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  • Crystal

    New follower and just grabbed the buttons. Will pray for Lydia

  • fraizerbaz

    I have no idea… maybe it's a beanie hat?

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  • Carissa @ Will Travel by Foot

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    My seven-year-old guessed a duck and a bow. I consider myself a bit of an expert on what a turtle might have on its head since we have a russian tortoise. He sometimes sports cypress mulch or leftover pieces of lettuce on his head. But, I have no idea what is on your turtle's head.

  • sixcherries

    A banana?

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  • tristasbarn

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