Perspective is everything. Unfortunately this took me 3 years of marriage to learn. I can still remember the exact moment D and I figured this out.

For a few weeks D and I had been having discussions about where things were in the house. I could not for the life of me figure out why he didn’t see  these things! It was so frustrating and causing such strife for us. I don’t even know why we did this, but we decided to go up and down to each other’s levels. I was completely shocked! The papers that were on the microwave were not in his line of sight at all!!! The cabinet blocked his view of the top of the shelf. In turn, he was shocked that I could see everything on the microwave all the way back to the wall. I can honestly say this was one of the most valuable lessons we have learned as a couple. I encourage you to try this if you haven’t.

My point of view – 1 exposed wire

Little G’s point of view – 2 exposed wires (one is white)

50 inches. That is the difference in my view point and my now crawling Little G. I am going to take my mother-in-law’s advice (shocking, right?) and get down to Little G’s level. I will be spending some time on my hands and knees, or more accurately my belly to check out the sights in our house. I hope that baby proofing from his point of view will give us an advantage over his quick curious little hands.

What other advice can you give me to help keep our little guy safe?

  • Lis

    Great post! Haha, no wonder my dad & my brother never could find things that were blatantly right in front of them! I never thought of different perspectives. Maybe I should pass this tidbit on to my mom! Haha.

  • sarah

    good luck with baby proofing, though my children would be able to find something dangerous or breakable in a padded room, they team up for trouble.

  • Amber @ The Mom Road

    ha ha that's funny. I can imagine that will come when/if we have no. 2