TEETH!!! Oh teeth! This little boy has got it rough right now.

Friday night we went to a birthday part for my friend Jamy over at Don’t Look Down. What good fun we had. Little G was dressed so adorably. Cute overalls and new sneakers…sooo cute!

Then, oh then…it was time for him to sleep. He was getting cranky and you could tell that he wasn’t going to make it much longer.

We had planned his naps during the day so that he would wake up right before it was time to go the party and have the most amount of happy time there.

I will be honest here folks…I didn’t even see it coming. Little G has become such a good napper, why would I expect this level of meltdown? (My first mistake)

We setup the pack and play (mistake no. 2) When Little G was younger, this wasn’t a problem… now though he realizes that this isn’t his bed and it isn’t his house or room.

I brought Little G in the room, fed him and placed him in the pack and play. Immediate meltdown. Blood curdling screams. Alligator tears. So very sad. Little G could not be left alone… AT ALL. For the next hour D and I tried to get Little G to sleep. He would get so close…eyes closed, calm…ahhhhh.

Then his eyes would pop open and the screaming would begin again. As soon as we picked him up all was fine again. We tried to keep him up, but he was so tired and cranky. Finally we had to go. 

As soon as we got home Little G went straight to sleep. Crazy! They must think we are terrible parents and torment our child when no one’s around…ugh!

On Saturday, we put it all together…hindsight! Ugh!

Little G is currently getting 4, yes 4 teeth. Poor guy. We have invested in some Baby Oragel. What a miracle, it’s like night and day…literally.

Oh how I wish I had more deductive reasoning than I do…

  • veterankindergartenteacher

    Bless little G's heart. Four teeth no less. No wonder he was miserable. This too shall pass Mom. By the way, I think you sound like a wonderful Mom! Keep up the good work.


  • Eclipsed

    Teething is the devil I'm sure of it! Hylands work well and so does Tylenol and Motrin. Hang in there.

  • Jess

    Oh yes, the teething. Don't feel too bad, sometimes you don't even know it's coming.
    We resorted to a cold washcloth (unused) Something about it seemed to work.

  • MomRoad

    Thanks, I also enjoy your blog!

  • MomRoad

    I will have to try the Hylands. When D and I were in Panama we used to joke all the time and try and figure out what was from the fall. We all agreed mosquitos were from the fall. I think teething can now be added to that list…lol.

  • MomRoad

    I am getting such good ideas, I am going to try this too!