I came across a great post from Women Who Do It All. She went through some cool baby gift ideas. One of them was a tutu. Well this got me searching the internet to find out how I could do this.

Apparently it’s super easy. And of course this meant that my friend Jen Lydia needed a tutu. Ah, who am I kidding, baby clothes are for the mom anyway.

I found instructions here but I used ribbon instead of a hair band so that it would be easier to size. Also, since Little G is almost the same age and not too much bigger, I used my baby boy as a model, much to D’s disappointment. Ha ha!

The whole thing took about an hour to make. Well I was watching TV, so maybe it could be quicker if you were more focused.

Here’s the result of my efforts.

It also makes a great bonnet for Little House on the Prairie, Crazy Edition.

  • Jill

    Glad you enjoyed the post! Your tutu turned out great! And thanks for sharing about Lydia. I added her button to the blog, but more importantly, added her and her parents to my prayers! I have a close friend who experienced something very similar and it just breaks my heart! Jen must be an amazingly strong woman!

  • sarah

    I so need to make one for my Lil' thanks!

  • sharingthepagesoflife

    I think I will have to come back and try this..my daughter would LOVE one!!!