The Good:
Lydia has grown so much since her button was created that I thought it was time to create a new one!
The Bad:
When I first created the button, my ftp site wasn’t working properly so I had to use a Picasa album for the photo. Unfortunately this means that I cannot automatically change the photo for you all.
What does that mean for you?
You’ll have to upload the new code in place of the old code. But just this once and from now on it’s cake to change it up for you!

Praying for Lydia

Get the Praying for Lydia button:

Tomorrow, or maybe later tonight, I plan on putting up a quick how-to for making your own blog button.

PS Don’t forget to stop over and visit Lydia’s blog, catch up on her story and encourage Micah and Jen!

  • Jamy

    Very nice! You're pretty awesome at this stuff! It's super pretty!

  • MomRoad

    I didn't forget about yours either!