Every parent has a different style. Every parent has their reasons and their inspiration.

My inspiration in parenting comes from my faith. Yes, some of it from my parents but mostly from my belief in a higher right and wrong.

I believe that people are fallible and flawed. I do not believe there is a perfect parent. I try and will continue to try to minimize the mistakes that I make, but sadly I am aware that I cannot help them all.

I believe there is only one perfect. I intend to teach my children right from wrong, but not an ever changing or relative version of right from wrong.

When I was interviewing for my last position one question stood out for me. I was asked how my work should be judged against the work of my peers. What an interesting question. Without hesitation I answered that it should not be judged against my peers. The interviewer had quite a shocked look. I went on to explain that my work should be judged against a higher, impartial standard, a benchmark so to speak. I don’t believe that my work should be considered good only because everyone else’s was worse. This is the foundation for my parenting. The challenge for me will be to balance this with compassion.

Compassion for others is another part of the foundation of my faith and in turn, my parenting. My grandmother always said to me, “treat others as you would want to be treated.” This is a good way to teach compassion, but at the same time I want to teach my son to treat others as God treats him. With love, kindness, humility and forgiveness when necessary. Remembering that people are flawed, so is he, and we are too.

As Little G grows up, I know that the way I teach him these truths will change, but I hope the principle does not.

How do you or will you parent and why?

  • Joy Taylor

    I want my kids to be able to be honest and to be able to come to me when they have a problem and not feel as if I am going to judge them. I want my kids to be who they are and not what others want them to be.

  • Liz

    I think your foundationg is brilliant, and that's a terrific way to base your parenting decisions. I also think this is a great idea for a post. It has inspired me. We have a family vaca coming up, but after that I need to sit down and think about this writer's prompt. When I do, I'll link back to your post. have a great day!

  • MomRoad

    I definitely agree with you on that! I think it will be a challenge for me, but a completely important one. Parts of my personality can be very strict. I think finding the balance for me will be a lesson I am continuing to learn.

  • MomRoad

    Thanks! I look forward to your post.

  • nursedouglass

    You're right, there is only ONE standard by which we are all measured. I hope to raise my son to understand that no matter what everyone else is doing, right and wrong is according to God's word. I tend to be very strict, but then I think, "my parents were strict and I turned out OK right??" 😉