I have racked my brain about what to get D for his first Father’s Day.

I wanted a sweet gift that reflected Little G and that D was a dad. A tie just would not do!

After a long long time I decided on a t-shirt. Okay okay I know that sounds lame. But here’s the catch, I’m taking my favorite picture of Little G, one that reminds me of D, sprucing it up a bit and having it printed on the t-shirt.

D is very much a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy and loves to play the guitar so this should be great. I hope. Or could  be tacky…

What do you think?

Any suggestions for a slogan to put on it? Or should I leave it blank?

  • Shari Goss

    I love it! I know my hubby loved the shirt I made him for his first father's day, and it wasn't as nice. But he did say he would only feel comfortable wearing it in certain places, which I was cool with.

  • Andrea

    Cool…like Dad. I love it! Not tacky in my book!

  • The Activity Mom

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  • Whittal

    I think that it is the love behind the gift that counts……. and the thought that goes into it is just an added bonus

  • MomRoad

    Hmmm that sounds a lot like code for tacky 🙂 I'm ok with it… father's day gifts are usually tacky aren't they?