Yes people we are entering the frightening stage of the fearless baby. Fearless!

Yesterday, I came home from work, set Little G down (in his car seat) on the sofa. All was normal… and warm.

I unbuckled the bottom part of the car seat harness and then


I reached behind Little G to open the window and my finger slipped of the tiny little groove that is used to open the window.

A shot of pain ran through me and I examined my painful finger now missing a chunk of fingernail. Oww.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see the car seat tip forward and catch a glimpse of Little G taking an Olympic style dismount out of the bottom of the car seat!! Arms over head (to escape the still buckled upper  harness of course), giggling the whole way down.

bubble 2

I have no idea how, but I managed to get an arm around Little G before he full force, momentum filled face planted on the floor.

Holy Crap people! What have I gotten myself into?

  • Angela @ Nine More Months

    Sounds like you have an acrobat on your hands. 🙂

  • Eclipsed

    Babies are so fearless! A healthy dose of fear would do them good I say. Keep an extra eye on that one

  • MomRoad

    Yea I'm thinking gymnastics classes later on 🙂

  • MomRoad

    We're going to have our hands full. I can't even imagine the thought of no. 2, wow!