Have you ever heard of supporting meats? Me neither.

I have recently been educated on this new class of lunchmeat.

Last week I was making lunch for D and I. Your basic sandwich. D has some annoying specific rules on how to make a sandwich correctly. I was aware of the cheese rule, but I had no idea that there were more…

According to D, there is a hierarchy to sandwiches.

Here’s how things went:

I laid out 4 slices of bread. 2 for D and 2 for me. Next up mayo. I like mayo and of course that goes directly on the bread, only because it’s more difficult to put on the meat itself. D on the other hand despises the stuff.

Cheese – here’s where the rules come in. For me I put 1 slice on either piece of bread. For D, 2 slices, always first before the meat, 1 on each piece of bread. Symmetry is important, you know.

Then some turkey followed by salami.

It is at this point I am distracted by a screaming the cutest child ever and D must take over sandwich patrol.

“You made this wrong.”

“How? I put the cheese on right.” (in a slightly defensive tone – I followed the rule)

“The meat is wrong.”

What do you mean?”

“The salami is the supporting meat.” (very matter-of-factly)

What is he talking about… (confused look)

“You put the salami in the middle.”


“The turkey is the main meat and belongs in the middle.”

At this point D rearranges the sandwich to the “proper” order. Bread, cheese, salami on each side (can’t forget the symmetry) and then turkey in the middle. D goes on to explain the supporting vs. main meats naming a few examples of each. And how you cannot have a salami sandwich with turkey, it would be a turkey sandwich with salami. (I disagree of course) But a 2 supporting meat sandwich is apparently fine and a judgment call for the honor of the middle.


So the next time you make a sandwich, consider the hierarchy. D would appreciate it.

Do you have a specific way to make sandwiches?

  • Jessica Hamblen

    This really made me laugh!

    One of the weird things that I do in our house is for PB&J the peanut butter must go on both slices of bread and jelly in the middle so the bread doesn't get soggy. Same for other sandwiches, cheese first then mayo on the cheese so it doesn't touch the bread…again no soggy sandwiches. Can you tell I don't like soggy bread? 😉

  • MomRoad

    I have a few responses to this… lol
    1. How do you do that?!? I tried to put the jelly in the middle (for soggy bread reasons of course) and it was nearly impossible, the jelly was so slippery on the peanut butter. So I never did it again.
    2. I weirdly like when the mayo makes my bread a little soggy, little being the operative word.
    3. I have a good friend that gags at soggy bread… even if you just say the words soggy bread

  • Stephanie

    Mwhahaha OCD in a small person…love it!

  • Beth

    The words "supporting meat" just don't conjure good images in my head!

    That said, I have OCD about many small things, and so I totally *get* the sandwich hierarchy.

  • MomRoad

    Ha ha! Yea I thought about that, but I left it anyway 🙂

  • Nicole21cooper

    Thanks for buzzing by, I am your newest follower!! Have a fabulous day!