Tonight D and I went out… without Little G!

It was wonderful!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my son, but sometimes it’s nice not to have to plan around nap times and cranky times and wanting to run times… while shopping.

Today was Grandma S’s day with Little G. D and I were in desperate need of a few things. Namely dog food, baby food and something to put on our mountains of salad from the farm share. So, we devised a small plan.

Grandma S would keep Little G while we went shopping! It was perfect. He could go to bed on time, get his meds, play and we would be able to get what we needed done. Suh-weet!

The plan: Leave work at 5, grab BJ’s card from Grandma S, eat nice dinner with hubby, shop, pick up Little G.

Uhhh… not so much.

I left work at 5:30 and didn’t get home until 6. I work 2 exits from home! Stupid rain traffic, it just doesn’t make any sense.

When I arrive home my father in law is there – fixing the hole in our ceiling 🙂 YAY! (Poor Mike put his leg through while helping us out with the upstairs) Too bad I really really had to pee 🙁

D is in his office, door closed, on the phone with a client, scowling… this is no good! 6:45 rolls around… still on the phone…

Father in law leaves. Time to pee! Then I clean up the compound and sheetrock mess all over the bathroom.

Still on the phone….

Ok, well D’s in a crappy mood so I won’t try and bug him. Blog time. I sit down and D walks out of the office. Yay!

Scowling. Not Yay!

D is starving… fast food? More scowl.

Fine! You can be pissy on the drive but after that, pissy time is over. More scowl.

At this point I want to leave D home and head out to face the rain and shopping alone. At least I won’t have to deal with cranky.

Off we go, first to Home Depot for a return. Mood +1

Where will we eat? No fastfood? A restaurant? It’s already 7:40, what about baby food, dog food etc?

Bj’s first. Mood –1, back to scowl.

Shopping – found everything we needed in record time. Had almost enough on the gift card. Mood +2, wow!

Off to a restaurant for dinner minus Little G… nice.

Too much food. Great mood. Good conversation. Time alone with hubby. Priceless.

Our sad little date of grocery shopping and dinner. Sometimes you just need it!