Off I went early(ish) this morning to drop Little G off at the daycare and head to my job.

Little G was happy and cute and giggly. I went through the normal motions, putting things in cubbys, signing him in etc etc. All smiles. And then it came time for the hand off.

Still smiles. Good.

Turning Little G around. His grip on me tightened. Uh oh.

Facing the daycare woman. Ok.

And the handoff…

His little face crumpled, crocodile tears fell and so did my heart.

Today was the first day he cried when I dropped him off at daycare. It was awful.

By the time I walked the 10 feet to the door, he was facing away from me and already calmed and playing with a toy.

In the end it was fine, he was fine, but this is a first I wasn’t looking forward to.

On a happy note: we’ve moved on to Spaghetti and Meatballs!

(Oh and check out the great covers everything bib I got at IKEA – perfect for this type of meal)

  • Dee C.

    that is the BEST bib I have ever seen…I wonder if I could get away with putting that on my 8 year old? Ha! probably not…but sometimes….

  • MomRoad

    I would definitely like to see that! If they made one for an 8 year old, I bet they would make them in my size too!

  • Rosebelle

    I always hated that guilt feeling when I dropped off my kids at their preschools when they were younger. The first day was always the hardest.

    That's such a cute pix of your son. I hope you have it at your desk at work, surely will put a smile on your face every time you look at it.