Yesterday we had our first call to Poison Control. Yes I said first. Given my family history I’m sure we’ll be making more calls. When I was younger we had the Poison Control poster taped to the inside of one of the cabinets, “just in case.”
Let’s just start with the first time my parents had to call Poison Control. It was for me.
It’s 1983. My dad is sporting his permed afro-like hair and his way popular and way too short polyester shorts. Hey, it was in. Mom was out so that meant our favorite Daddy and me dinner, Mac n’ Cheese. And, we were going to eat it while watching TV. This was a rare treat.

It was my turn to put the “shaker cheese” on our dinner. Yum. We took our bowls in to the living room and settled into watch our show. I wouldn’t eat my dinner and dad couldn’t figure out why. After tasting it he realized the funky taste. He we through a couple of scenarios, spoiled milk in the dinner, being one of them. Nope, that wasn’t it.

He had me bring him the “shaker cheese”. Kraft cheese. Ok, all was well in that department.

Are you sure?

Next I brought him the actual culprit.

Yes don’t they look alike?

At this point my mother is arriving home to a neighbor who can’t stop laughing and a very cranky and angry husband.

Of course this is my mother’s fault, she left the container on the counter. Not my father’s fault who allowed a 3 year old to serve dinner…

That was not my mother’s opinion and she reminds him while laughing each time this gets brought up.

Poison Control was called for the first time.

We were all fine. Love My Carpet is only soap flakes.

To this day my father will not eat Parmesan cheese.

Have you made any calls to poison control?

  • Amy_StrawberryFields

    WOW! Seeing both bottles side by side you can totally see how a kid would mistake this! Knocking on wood (my desk) that we haven't had to call poison control yet! Glad everything turned out okay!

  • MomRoad

    Now they look completely different. Thankfully!

  • Liz

    I can honestly say I have not! Though Craig did from a hotel when he used hemorrhoid cream as toothpaste!

  • MomRoad

    That reminds me of Bill Engvall's Here's Your Sign. In case you haven't heard it. Hemorrhoid cream has a warning not to ingest. So he paraphrased the first letter to Prep. H. discussing this issue.

    Dear Preparation H, I ate this whole dang tube and still have these hemorrhoids. I can't hardly eat a jelly bean, but I can whistle real good!

  • Babyandsofia

    Hah! When I was growing up, my favorite dinner with my dad was mac'n'cheese. I think it was really the only thing that he really knew how to "make." And I LOVED it. Especially with crumbled up ritz crackers on top.

  • Shari Goss

    Nope with 3 boys we haven't yet! But I am sure it is coming. My oldest is almost 4 now, and he pretty much knows what to not touch except that he likes his medicine, and I could see him drinking the bottle. His younger brother is still in that defiance 2 yr old stage, but can't get into the safety locks. All good, right? Nope, big brother opens them for him!

    Pretty sure it will be the baby we will have trouble with. The older 2 are already leaving doors to stairs open, and cupboards open.

  • Pinky Has a Brain

    Sometimes grown folks can be a little confused by packaging too. My brother-in-law mistook a container of disposable bathroom cleaning wipes for flushable butt wipes. He called my husband inquiring about the wipes that were sitting on the back of the toilet and why were they were making his butt sting so bad….LOL!

    Also, an ex brother-in-law mistook a can of roach spray for oil sheen hair spray. Both were in the cabinet below the bathroom sink.

  • Amber @ The Mom Road

    Oh yea! Mac n cheese was my dad's "speciality." I haven't tried ritz crackers on top, next time we make it I'll have to try that.