Twitter Hop Wednesday
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Welcome to Twitter Hop Wednesday #7

Do you want to find some new people on Twitter, or maybe want some people to find you?

Link up to Twitter Hop Wednesday!

Here are the Rules:

1. Add your link below in this format:

Link Title: @MomRoad (so if the link is broken we can still find you)

Link: Add a link to your twitter page (links to blogs are too much work for the lazy busy ones of us)

2. Follow MomRoad

3. Find some new people to follow and grab a few followers of your own!

Don’t forget to come back for Follow Along Fridays, where you can find some new bloggy friends.

  • Twee Poppets

    Hi! I'm creating a blog hop master list on my blog, Twee Poppets. Are you still running this blog hop each week? I haven't seen any Twitter Hop Wednesday posts from the past few weeks, but maybe I missed them.

    If it's still functioning, I'd love to include this blog hop on my list! I just need to know what time the linky opens and closes each week (please include day of the week, time, and time zone).

    If you could respond with this info on my blog ( or via email ([email protected]), I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks! 🙂