My mom came over on Saturday and gave me the coolest birthday gift.

I used to have a nice-ish garden, nothing fancy, but not so overgrown and weedy as it has been this last year. Then I got pregnant. There was definitely no 9 months pregnant gardening happening last year, and well this year I’ve just been too lazy busy.

This year for my birthday, my mom gave me a beautiful garden.

Here is a picture from a few weeks ago.
dY8UtWRnqr37CTaby-BCYt See the overgrown weeds and under watered plants.
These are the post renovation photos, taken from my phone 🙂

2010-08-21_19-15-08_693My mom helped us to clear the walk way that had been slightly grown over.

2010-08-21_19-02-18_974 She bought me solar butterflies, solar lights, and… 15 silk flowers from the dollar store. Ingenious! We also made a trip to the home improvement store and purchased new borders.

2010-08-21_19-16-29_711 She had an idea to put in a garden on the right side of the house, where the garbage cans used to live. On this side my mom gave us solar butterflies, solar lights, a solar sunflower plant and some more of the silk flowers. She also transplanted some of the live plants we hadn’t killed yet. (All the green plants are alive)

2010-08-21_19-04-56_377We moved the fake, plastic faux stones from the old garden to the tree, and added solar butterflies and solar lights.

I can’t believe how great the silk flowers look! She wanted to buy me real flowers, but knew I would forget to water them and they would die, ha! This was an awesome alternative.

It’s so exciting to come home to a pretty front yard. I love it!