While my friends were here, my friend Lily’s carrier had slid under our stroller in the trunk of the car and was forgotten there when they headed off for their next adventure. While this was a bummer for her (no worries I’ll be sending it back to her on Monday) it was a great opportunity for me to finally compare the Ergo carrier and the Lillebaby carrier.

When I was deciding between the two carriers I had trouble finding anything that talked about the two at the same time.

Here’s quick video comparison of the two carriers.

Here’s a close up of the two carriers. This shows the difference in the pocket sizes and the fabric.

Click here to see my original review of the Lillebaby carrier.

If there’s anything else I have left out, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll do what I can.

  • Aboobieaday

    um… now i don't know which one to buy!!!!!!!????? i want an ergo but the lillebaby seems like it would fit elenor better now. do you feel that the lillebaby provides the same amount of back support as the ergo?

  • Amber @ The Mom Road

    To be honest I thought they support was exactly the same on both of them. There is also an additional head support that I forgot to include in the video which is nice, and an infant positioner for it that you can buy separately. I liked the Lillebaby better than the Ergo as just a general feeling and I liked all the carry options you get with it. G prefers the side carry more than the back (I prefer the back carry for me lol) so it's nice to have that option. Also it is less expensive than the Ergo. The User Manual (http://lillebaby.com/user_manuel_pdf/NewEWUserManualCHS10-09.pdf) gives you the whole shebang of carry options/accessories etc. Mine came with the additional internal safety harness and the neck support and you are totally welcome to borrow it if you want to test it out. 🙂