Before I had a child I thought I knew how they changed. Now though I see that it is all much more subtle than that.

Sure there are the big moments. There’s the first word, the first smile, the first steps ( still waiting on that one). But, everyday there are a million tiny changes that I never expected to notice.

Lets take walking for example. They don’t just pop up and start walking, although everyone seems to say that. Its a complex process of steps (ha ha pun intended). There’s crawling, then there’s reaching up for tables and chairs, after that is actually pulling up. All that even before the little guys even get close to walking! Ok then we get to move into the meat of it all. They reach up, grab ahold and wait, they throw you for a loop by pushing up with their chubby little legs. This is when you actually see it happening. So close! Angels may actually be singing Hallelujah in the background. After that cruising around the room holding on to stuff is the norm. All that’s left is building up the courage to let go.

Sometimes I wonder at how many of these moments I have missed and how many I have yet to miss. There’s just so many, you can’t possibly catch them all.

So far the pushing up of his chubbalubs into a standing position has been my favorite small moment. Do you have a favorite moment, the one that you just know will lead to the big moments and make all the difference?

Keep your eye out and you’ll see so much more.