Yay oh yay!

My friends Lily and Cathy are here from Panama. Well Cathy is from Panama (the US originally) but Lily has moved from Panama (Guatemala originally) to the US where she married a great guy and has an adorable baby.

We met Cathy and Lily during our first mission trip to Panama with our church and then really got to know each other during our DTS (Discipleship Training School).

Sadly we are only going to see them for 2 days, but this has really renewed my love (and missing) of Panama.

It’s so funny to me that we are such good friends. There are very few people in my life that I have connected with so quickly. We spent 10 days with them the first time and a lasting impression was made. Ever since then we have been good friends. They are wonderful wonderful women who have a great sense of humor.   It’s like no time has passed since we last saw them. Yes our lives are different and it’s been years, but still the heart of our friendship is there.

This past day and half has been filled with so many laughs. We have such a great time! Today we went to the park, visited with some people from church and went to a petting zoo. Let’s just say that good friends and wild animals produces quite a few laughs.

  • -Amanda-

    Your newest follower. I'm so happy to discover your interesting Mom Blog and will be stopping in more.


    Amanda (aka Blogging Terminal)

  • MomRoad

    Thanks! I'm heading over to your blog now.

  • Peterfix2

    We know Lily and Cathy too (from 2006)! Lily went into the jungle with us on our medical/dental outreach…Cathy picked us up at the airport. Great to know that Lily is doing well.

    Peter (& Denise)

  • MomRoad

    That's so great! They are so wonderful and we were super excited to have them stay even if it was only for a day 🙂