A baby and a dog. Yes at the same time.

Coco is our cute little Tibetan Spaniel mix. She was a rescue. When we first got her times were tough for us. D was working nights and I was alone a lot, so we talked about getting a dog. This went on for a bit, but we still didn’t get the dog. Then D’s job changed again and he was working second shift. That was hugely worse for us. We had prayed about the job and knew the difficulties that lay ahead for us. Finally we decided to take the plunge and get a dog so I would have some company.

We decided that a rescue was the way to go for us. We searched on petfinder.com for just the right dog. Truth be told, there was only one dog we agreed on (typical us). She was cute and little, but resembled a larger dog.

Having a rescue comes with its own sets of problems. She was adorable, and completely well behaved, but terrified of everything. She’s much better now but still quite a scaredy cat. If you wear new shoes, she runs. Move a chair, she runs. She won’t eat her food if your standing next to it, etc etc.

On the positive side she is eager to please and has trained very well. We never worry about her biting, even if food is taken out of her mouth.

But still she is a dog.

While Little G was still just a kick in the stomach we had lots of discussions about what would happen when we brought him home. Many of those discussions were about the best way to introduce him to the dog.  We didn’t want her to be jealous, and have problems with that, especially if that led to biting.

Thankfully everything went fine. Coco generally left Little G alone. Until he cried, then she was the first one there running back and forth until we could get to him. I can tell l they are going to be best friends some day. Well, as long as Little G stops trying to grab her snout and whiskers and continues to feed her his left over dinner.

Dogs are great for cleaning up after babies.