The big question has come up. To pacifier or not.

Little G is now a year old. This is the point where I said I was going to restrict his pacifier use to bedtimes only. That was the plan.

On Monday though, the pacifiers at the daycare had disappeared, unbeknownst to me.  Over the last couple of weeks all the “good” pacifiers have disappeared.  From our house, the daycare, grandma’s house… making seven in total.  My first thought was that the dog had eaten them. (i recently read an email of a dog that had eaten 25 pacifiers.)  D completely disagreed with me. I even went so far as to go out into the yard to check if I saw any “pieces.”

No luck there, and the pacifiers are still missing. My new idea is that Coco has hidden them like she does her bones.  I hope I find out someday.

So now we’re down to one of the good pacifiers, and apparently none at the daycare. I didn’t find out about the daycare until I went to pick him up and they said he had a tough time falling asleep without it. Poor guy.

Here’s the debate. Do w buy more pacifiers or tough it out and stop his pacifier use all together? I have no idea, this is such a tough decision. I wanted to wait until he was older and understood better before taking them away.

What do you recommend?

  • Beth Willis

    I have three little girls and none of them took pacifiers. In my own personal opinion I think it's kind of ridiculous when you see a 3, 4, 5 year old – or yes I've even seen 8 year old kids still hanging onto pacifiers. I'm not completely against them my kids just never did like them so I didn't have to worry about them at all. I would say try going cold turkey on it rather then having to buy new ones- all things are hard at the beginning (I remember the first time we tried the cry it out method of sleeping- how that can be torture on a mother) but eventually it worked and my kids sleep great now! I think it's going to be easier now then later. That's just my own two cents on the matter :).

  • Pam

    I let my son have his suckie until he was two and I regret it totally. He now has some orthodontic problems on top which the dentist says is from soother use…very discouraging.

  • Julie

    My son is still on his at 15 months. I had wanted him off it but his daddy keeps giving it to him. My oldest daughter got rid of hers just before she was 2. We were down to one and her daddy accidentally left it in his pocket when he went to work (he was working nights). I told her "oh no! it went to work with daddy!" she whimpered a bit but went to sleep so the next night I had it in the kitchen drawer as back up and just said "oh, I forgot to get it from daddy." She asked for it one more night and we were done. My other son sucked his thumb, can't take that away but he was pretty easy to wean from it. I was able to get the bottle away just before a year old… now the paci has to go…

  • Lindsay

    My son is 16 months and is still on the paci. I try to keep it at bay during the day but the little stinker stashes them away and finds them later. I'm trying to only offer it to him at naptime and bedtime but he still asks for it from time to time.

    Before now, he always wanted it when he was teething and I felt terrible taking his comfort away then. He just cut his last tooth (well, until those 2 year molars) so I'm trying to wean again.

    Good luck! And, dude — love the picture.

  • Cat

    Hey Amber,
    Buy the pacifers!! If he is still sucking on those things at 3 years, then I'm worried! Let the boy fall asleep in peace!! 🙂

  • Cat

    Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. The picture is so cute!!!

  • MomRoad

    Thanks for the advice. We did break down and buy some more, but we are sticking to the bedtime only plan. I want to see them gone by 2 🙂

  • MomRoad

    This is my biggest worry right now. We're going to try and lure him away from the soothie style pacifiers as quickly as we can. I hope everything works out well for your little guy.

  • MomRoad

    Is he on a sippy or a bottle? I always wonder about that. We're moving to sippy's but I have random and probably irrational dreams of moving him to a cup all together.

  • MomRoad

    Oh! I just heard about babies stashing pacifiers… this has never occurred to me. Wow! We are in for some trouble.

  • MomRoad

    We did buy them, but we're trying to keep them just to bedtimes… we'll see how that goes…