holy experience
Welcome to Multitude Monday hosted by A Holy Experience. I am on a mission to record 1000 gifts I have. I hope to change my fickle heart and start to truly appreciate all that God has given me.

28(yrs). Sister-in-laws with birthdays.

29. Fridays!!!
Enough said there.

30. Early morning meetings on Mondays.
Ok, this one might sound a bit wonky, buuut there are two good things that come out of this.

A) I get to get up, get only myself ready for work and leave. D is in charge of getting Little G ready for daycare, all the stuff he needs etc etc I get a mental pause on this one.
B) Because I’m going in a bit early… I get to leave a bit early!

31. Tweezers
Shaping the eyebrows
Tweezers are wonderful. They take care of tiny things and splinters and little things that don’t belong…