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There are lots of good examples of parenting out there to learn from. But at the same time there are plenty of bad examples to learn from also.

Last week while I was at Target I saw a terrible example. I wish I had taken a picture, but part of me felt badly about doing that.


A woman had walked her cart up to her SUV. Her purchases were inside the cart, and on top was a baby in an infant carrier. This sounds perfectly normal, but as I sat in the cafe area of target the scene did not stay that way.

The cart was behind the large SUV, in the lane of traffic. Instead of pushing it along side her vehicle she left it back there. (A small alarm is going off in my head)

She then proceeded to take her purse and keys and go to the passenger front door… without her carriage or baby. She spent some time leaned into the car putting her purse and things away, leaving her child unattended in the road and out of her immediate sight. (Flashing lights have just been added to the alarm in my head)

Next she placed her child in the back seat and unloaded her purchases into the trunk. (Ok, normal)

After finishing this task, she walked the cart back to the store entrance, leaving her car UNLOCKED with her CHILD and KEYS  in the car. (The alarms have just been upgraded to blaring sirens)

This whole scene shocked and saddened me. Did she really take her child for granted like that? The list of terrible things that could have happened is endless.

It is easy to become lax as a parent, and forget things that are important. Here are some shopping cart tips.

1. Never walk away from your cart, even if your child is within sight.

In an instant your child could climb out, or worse be taken.

2. It is a good idea to keep a hand on your child while your attention is distracted by looking at things, especially young children.

3. An infant car seat should be placed in the basket of the cart and not on the child seat.

4. Always use the belt attached to the cart.


Got any more tips? I could always use some pointers.

  • Amanda {Enchanting Havoc}

    Some parents don't get it. They don't think and then disaster sometimes follows. ESPECIALLY at the grocery store and in the parking lot I'm completely eyes on my child. First thing I do is put my kid and purse in the car at the same time. After unloading ~ I actually put my cart next to my parking space. This I know irritates the crap out of people, but the stores I shop at have lot employees who go around gathering carts…. I wouldn't want to take their job away from them! I'm just kidding lol ~ but I would rather allow an employee to take my cart than leave my child in the car unattended.

    If I see someone walking past towards the store I ask them if they need a cart and most times they say yes and take mine. If they say no I ask them if they can take mine anyways up to the store as I don't want to leave my child unattended.

  • MomRoad

    I never know what to do with the cart dilemma. Before Little G I always brought it back to the store or corral, but now I just can't do that. The one or two times I did it was only 2 spaces away and I locked the car before walking to put the cart back. Now though I just leave it by the car. I like your thinking on the employee's job, it makes me feel better about leaving it. Thanks.