Have you ever wondered what your blog looks like to everyone else. I have.

There’s a quick and free tool that you can use to test this.

Using Adobe’s BrowserLab you can view what your blog looks like in several of the popular browsers.

BrowserLab is a free online service.

When you enter the website click  Try BrowserLab

After creating a logon, you are brought to the home screen.

Choose test.

browserlab1 Fill in your website in the box and press enter


The test has a default of 4 browsers, but you can add more by clicking on the arrow next to the browser, choosing all browsers and then picking the one you want to add.


Now I’m off to fix the compatibility of some browsers… apparently not everyone gets to see my pretty background…

  • This is so cool! Never knew of this before and I just usually went to each browser at a time. Thanks for sharing this really useful tool!