This week I am giving a few shout outs to my loyal followers and blogs I love.

My loyal followers.

Most of my followers do not have blogs of their own, but I am going to introduce you to these lovely ladies.

Welcome Keri, she is a long time friend and mom herself. This picture is a bit old, pre 3 babies (2 of hers and 1 of mine). I need to make more time to sit down with her and just have a chat. Expect a call Keri!

Amber and Keri After Jamy is an awesome blogger and personal friend. She’s witty and creative and and you should head on over and give her a read. She’ll definitely make  your day! Jen is the third of our crazy trio. She’s an amazing woman, though I think she’s not sure of that some days… I am!

Don't Look Down
Jen’s Blog (no button yet, I’ll be working on that)
The Last of my loyal readers and friends are my work friends, Betsy, Chris and Aimee. But don’t let the work part confuse you into thinking they aren’t important. They are great friends that I happen to have met at work. Lunchtime in my life will never be the same.
SONY DSC  On to my favorite blogs!

header 125x125  Liz is funny, a great mom, down to earth and really creative. I’m a big fan of her blog.
Nine More Months I first came across Angie’s blog when she randomly met some famous people. Every since then I knew she was a geek at heart like me 🙂



This post is part of the Back to School, Back to Blogging challenge. 

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