The last two weeks have been so awesome and tiring. First there was what I like to refer to as Wedding Week. Friday Wedding 2 hours away, Saturday Jack and Jill Shower 45 min away and the next Saturday photographing another wedding. Whew! Oh wait, that wasn’t all. In the middle of it I was planning our Employee Appreciation Day and attending the opening of our friends’ church. I survived it!

Wedding 1: My cousin Kevin’s wedding. It was lovely and fun and really showed me a side to my family I had not seen before…DSC00426That is my grandmother


DSC00418 Those are my parents

Then we had the Jack  and Jill Shower.



DSC00527 (2) 

I had originally planned on putting up more photos, but I’m just too tired. Check back tomorrow for more wedding photos (ones that I took). Some of them came out fantastically!