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Welcome to Multitude Monday hosted by A Holy Experience. I am on a mission to record 1000 gifts I have. I hope to change my fickle heart and start to truly appreciate all that God has given me.

39. Dressing up for weddings.

I love going to weddings. I love the joy of seeing a couple come together and the happy atmosphere that surrounds weddings. We had a fantastic time and there was lots of dancing and fun.

DSC00358 DSC00479


40. Mother-in-laws.

This weekend we were booked! We had 1 wedding, a Jack n Jill shower, helped a friend move, a fair to go to and a double birthday party. Whew! Needless to say we needed lots of babysitting. My mother-in-law babysat most of the weekend, including her own birthday! We are blessed to have her!

41. Cute and comfortable shoes.

They’re not new, but they’re so cute and comfortable! And that isn’t a combination that you find all that often.


Picture via phone

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