Maine 2007 (162)
Life is hard as a woman. Life isn’t always fair, it isn’t always pretty and it isn’t always equal.

But that’s not what our culture is teaching. It’s all about the needs of the few vs. the needs of the many. Making the playing field even for everyone. I’m not sure what happened to make being different something wrong. It’s always been important to fit in, but now even more than ever. This isn’t the role I want to play, and certainly not the one I want to teach.

I hate that society teaches that women need to be equal to men. I really do. Let me just clarify this a bit. I do not hate the passions of the feminists of the past, they were amazing women who fought for me to be able to give my opinion today. Without them, I would not even have this post to write.

At the same time, I think that it’s starting to go too far. I am not equal to a man. I am different! I am a woman. I am just as important, but I am a woman. I cherish the differences in our genders.

During my DTS time in Panama we had lessons on gender roles and understand how we were created to be. The teacher decided to throw out a question to the class. “Who is more important? The general or the soldiers?” There are arguments for both sides and that was the point. One is just as important as the other, only different. You cannot have one without the other. There is balance and harmony in our differences. It is something to be celebrated, not squashed into oblivion.

I have no desire to be treated as a man. I want to be treated with respect for how important I am. How important my role is as a woman. I am thankful that my husband sees my worth, even when I don’t. I know that he will pass this respect onto our children, respect for our differences.

Being a woman is nothing shameful, you do not need to be equal, only seen for who you are.

How are you going to teach your child their role?