And so begins the shopping season. Today is the first day of the Christmas madness.


Well not for us! 2 years ago we started to participate in The Advent Conspiracy. What is that you ask? Well, it’s a brilliant perception of the holiday season, and what we have lost through the years.

Every year the focus of Christmas becomes more and more about the gifts, the money and the day instead of what it means. You can tell just by when the Christmas decorations come out. Before long, they’ll be out at the end of August along with new school supplies. It has been forgotten that this day is a day to celebrate our freedom.

The Advent Conspiracy is not just about the holiday season though. It’s something you invest in all year long. The idea behind it is to give relationally, give time and heart to your loved ones, and others that need it. Take the focus off the gifts and put it back on the day and the people.

There are some incorrect preconceptions about this theory though. Some churches have taken it to the extreme and do not give any gifts. This is not a correct view. There is nothing wrong with gifts, it’s only when they are the focus that is wrong.

Gifts are one of my favorite parts of the holidays. I love walking through the stores and trying to find just the right gift for each person. Everyone has a different personality and I like to try and find the one or two things I can give them to brighten their day. Gift giving is a wonderful way to show love, but it shouldn’t be the only one you practice.

This year I challenge you to really think about your focus this holiday. Are there things you could change?

  • Jennifer Belo

    This year, our daughter is old enough to understand the true meaning of Christmas. We're trying to teach her that it's more about the true spirit of Christmas and not all about writing a letter to Santa Claus.