Would you rather an extra arm OR an extra leg…
This week’s post calls for some serious introspection and a pros/cons list.

Extra Arm Extra Leg
Pros You can write more
Use the mouse, keyboard and take a drink
Use both hands to type and take a drink
Count to 15, 25 if you use your feet
Do push ups/pull ups easier
Put away groceries faster
Be a better juggler
Carry triplets, or more groceries
Make more letters than YMCA
Give a better massage
Have a big beefy arm
Never need a chair
Keep up after a toddler
Run faster
Play soccer really well
Better at blocking a toddler from attacking things
Jump higher (maybe even slam-dunk)
Better balance
Cons None Going to the bathroom

I would definitely choose an extra arm. For a while there I was leaning towards an extra leg, but I’m pretty lazy, so getting things done is more important to me.
Also, hubs pointed out that having an extra limb could come in handy if you are ever trapped and need to eat one in an emergency. Yes, that was his take on this.
On the downside, having an extra limb would cost more in manicures and pedicures. Bummer.
I choose an extra arm.

Want to play along? Here’s the way it will work:
  • I pose a question: would you rather THIS or THAT? and why?
  • I will post up my answer
  • At the bottom I will give next week’s question.

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Next week’s Would You Rather is: Would you rather be able to move at the speed of light OR stop time?