Would you rather be able to move at the speed of light OR stop time?

At first I wanted to stop time. I could stop it before a car accident, or a child following a ball in to the street. I could stop it if I just didn’t feel like answering a question right away, or needed a moment to think up my response. That would be fantastic.

But then I realized that moving at the speed of light would be like owning a transporter (Star Trek anyone?). I could go to Italy whenever I wanted. Or vacation in Argentina for the weekend. Granted this would all be more fun if I were strong enough to carry my family with me. But it would still be great. It might even help me to be on time to things, but I need to be real here… not much can help that for me. I could still stop a car accident if I saw it, and I could pull the child back from the street.

Moving at the speed of light is my choice.

Want to play along? Here’s the way it will work:

  • I pose a question: would you rather THIS or THAT? and why?
  • I will post up my answer
  • At the bottom I will give next week’s question.

I would love it if you joined in, you can leave your answer and why in the comments or link up a blog post. Got a Would You Rather you want to see featured. Drop me a line at momroad [at] gmail [dot] com or leave it in the comments.
Next week’s Would You Rather is: Would you rather wear flip flops with socks everyday (in any colors you choose) OR only own 1 pair of shoes that you choose?