Welcome to Multitude Monday hosted by A Holy Experience. I am on a mission to record 1000 gifts I have. I hope to change my fickle heart and start to truly appreciate all that God has given me.

102. New Life Given, part 1

My dear friend Aimee, the one we threw the frog themed baby shower for, had a sweet and most adorable little girl very early Saturday morning. She’s tiny and precious, and heartbreakingly sweet.


103. New Life Given, part 2

Right now a new little on is about to be born into our family. My newest nephew is on his way 5 weeks early. The doctors think everything will be fine, and that he is big enough.

104.  A week without snow

I love snow, I do, but we have had so much that we had nowhere to put it. Even this small break has helped so much.

105. Visits with good friends

This week we had friends over on both Friday and Saturday night. It was a wonderful time reconnecting with people we have not seen in a long time.

106. Tea on cold nights

107. Little boy giggles

108. Just because, run by, kisses from my husband

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  • Craig S.

    I just came over from Ann’s. Happy S. Valentine’s Day

    And my fave your list?

    106. Tea on cold nights (everybody does Starbucks or coffee of some sort – I’m a tea person – with sugar and milk – yay tea)

    God Bless and Keep You and all of yours

  • Amber @ The Mom Road

    Yes I love tea, especially the good earth tea, that is my favorite! Thanks for stopping by 🙂