What do you see, when you look at this?


Or this?


I see a sneaky dog that pees on my bed! I do not know what to do with this dog? She’s sweet, loving, deals with all Little’s G’s rough housing, is afraid of most things, loves me the best, is adorable and PEES ON MY BED!

When we first got her, she was quite the scaredy cat. If you moved a chair, she ran, if you wore new shoes, she ran, if you made noise, she ran. She was afraid of everything. She won’t even pee outside of our yard, because she’s afraid.

The first time she came up to D at all was on our bed. I guess he was less scary lying down. So we have always let her on our bed. In the beginning she peed on it a bunch of times, and once while we were vacationing in Maine. I had to wash our sheets in a sink and blow dry them dry. (Thank goodness we brought the blow dryer). Her peeing was also out of fear. Our bed was where she felt safe. So we tried to deal with it. And we did!

She has not peed on our bed in 3 years…. until today.

What will I do with her? I want to permanently banish her from our bed. She has her own that she sleeps in at night, so what would it harm during the day too?

D and I have talked about this in the past, and sometimes it was his idea and other times it was mine. Today I am on my own and D doesn’t want to banish her. Ugh! So here’s hoping we can go another 3 years, because between her and Little G peeing through his diapers every other night, I just can’t take any more pee!