A mother is something special. But a father is something else indeed. 

There is a changing tide in the US. One I am proud to be a part of.  The last few decades have shown a lack of family unity. A lack of importance on family unity. The nuclear family is no longer the norm. Blended families are everywhere.

An indirect consequence of this situation is an easier out. Specifically when it comes to fathers. D and I spent time working in many communities where fathers were physically present, but not emotionally. Their time was spent in the bars, and away from their families. Everyone lived in poverty. Children were left to raise themselves. And each generation lost more of the meaning of what it meant to be a father.

Not far from those communities are families with absent fathers. They aren’t there at all. Those are our communities.

So what can we do?

Moms spend plenty of time trying to be the best mom they can.Their days are filled with it. But we need more. So much more.

As mothers and parents we can teach our little men what it means to be great men. Teach them a healthy respect for women, themselves and God. We may not be able to force our men to be good fathers, but we can teach a new generation what it means.

We can encourage the men in our lives to take an interest, make the time, find a small amount of common ground, be the fathers we so desperately need.

While I was in KFC recently, I had too much to carry to my table in one trip. The woman next to me encouraged her son to help me carry my drinks. What a great example of raising a boy to be a great man.

All hope is not lost. 

Fatherhood.gov is a great resource for encouragement. There are funny videos, take time tips, and lots of good stuff to help your men along.

So what will you do this week to encourage a great father? I’d love to hear your ideas

  • Cathy Webster

    Yay for Dads!

  • Amber @ The Mom Road

    I agree!

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