I’m not sure what it is about hearing someone is pregnant, but it seems to bring out the worst stories in people.

I can remember when we first told everyone we were pregnant with G, a friend came up to us and gave us the details of her 9 month pregnant friend who had lost her baby. We had just told people, we were beaming, and then this? 
I can honestly tell you that to this day I still think about that, and try not to worry. But, because of that life changing event, I now make it a policy to never mention any of the horror stories I know to anyone who is pregnant. I usually prefer to tell the story of my husband’s birth.
30 years ago, my husband and his twin brother were born at 26 weeks. Each of them weighed somewhere in the 2lb range. And today they are both healthy and thriving. So if that can be done 30 years ago, imagine what can be done today.
I think it is important to look on the bright side. And I am learning more of the value of enjoying the moment and not worrying. 
But even still, the truth of the matter is that life is frail. There is no way to tell what will happen. While I was pregnant with G, a friend of mine lost her baby at 38 weeks. This is a scary thought. You’re so close to the end, and still, it’s frail and unpredictable. 
Here we are again presented with another frail and unpredicted moment, and so I am asking for some prayer.
This week, my dear friend Lily went in for a checkup 2 days before she would finally meet her new little boy Kyan. However, the doctors found complications. She had her little boy that day via emergency c-section and now at 4 days old he is fighting for his life. 
Please pray for Lily, Tyler, Kaiden and their new baby Kyan. 
I don’t have any photos of the new baby, but here is Me and Gavin with Lily and Kaiden.
  • Anonymous

    i think it is so mean to say things like that to women carrying children, you think that those things don’t cross their minds, they dont’ need help thinking and worrying about horrible situations.  I can’t even count the amount of horror stories i received from others whilst preggers.

    • I know!! It’s really terrible, maybe if enough of us fight back at them, people will get the idea lol