This one word has sent my brain spinning. I have always pictured myself the mom of two rambunctious little boys. Crazy, dirty, busy boys. Now, that’s not to say I didn’t want a girl. I sure did. I was so excited when I saw the pink inside the cake. But now it’s really settling in.

For D the trepidation was immediate. Within one full minute he went from excited to terrified. As we walked away from the park I teased him some more about having a little girl. His response…

“We’re gonna need more Tums.”

And so here we are, expectant parents of a daughter.

The role of a father in a girl’s life is exceedingly important. So much is formed in how she sees herself, her esteem. The respect she learns. How she sees the role of men in her life. It’s such an important role and I’m so glad we don’t have to go this alone.

Sometimes it is overwhelming. But only sometimes. I am grateful for the Father I have in God. I am grateful for the example he sets for us. Though D is nervous, God will always be there to guide him and to guide us.

We’ll get through.

  • I’m scared to death that our next child will be a girl. I know God will prepare me either way, but I just don’t know if I can handle raising a girl! Part of me thinks, “God won’t give me a girl because he knows I’ll screw her up.” And then I think, “Oh, but that means he WILL give me a girl to show me I can do it.” Argh! I just have to remember that he knows the desires of my heart. And I desire two strapping young men who love their mama. 

    • That was pretty much my same fear lol. But this time around I really wanted a girl, even though it had always been boys I wanted. I sort of feel like I’m jumping off a diving board into a deep end lol. God does know though and he’ll help us through what we need, thankfully!

  • awww congrats!

  • Anonymous

    I am terrified of the idea of a female infant… then a female teen.  With a boy all you have to worry about is ONE penis… with a girl there are MANY! 

    • This might have been the funniest comment I have EVER recieved! LOL D thought it was great too (and so true).

      • Anonymous

        ROFL np, i was thinking about it later and was gonna say “… but wait, you have to worry about MULTIPLE wombs too…” either way your screwed i think lol!!

  • Aboobieaday

    i LOVE having a girl and both aaron and i only want girls. but really, what’s the difference!?  it’s a new life to celebrate! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks! Maybe you can teach me some pointers, b/c I think I’m going to need them. I have only ever been around boys… yikes!