So Monday was the “big ultrasound.” D and I have been going back and forth about finding out the sex of the baby. With G I didn’t want to know. I love the idea of a surprise. But it was very important to D to know. I get all the fun stuff, I get the kicks and baby shower and all the rest of it so I decided to give this to D.

The stipulation was that for number 2 I get to pick. So this time around it was really my choice. D was very good about it, he did pressure me at all, but I know just how important it still was. So I decided to give in.

But I have a great friend who is super creative and came up with a great idea. Instead of just finding out, we would make it a celebration!

When we found out with G I still wasn’t sure I would cave so we got the result in an envelope and we went out to dinner later to open it.

This time, amazing Betsy thought it would be a good idea if we gave her the envelope (ha ha) and then she would bake us a cake with the appropriate color for the gender of the baby.


Monday rolled around and we got to see our new little bundle moving all about. We had fun watching the tiny little movements. Everything looked good, so we got our envelope and went on our way. I of course tried to tempt D with the envelope but he was good. We met up with Betsy and handed off the mystery.  So then it was just waiting until Friday for us.

On Friday we had a babysitter (mom) all lined up and ready to go. Betsy came over and delivered the world’s cutest cake (pictured above). Yay! D and I headed out for a lovely dinner ALONE (Gift number 1).  The food was delicious and there was no wriggling child to corral. The cake was safely stored in a cooler in our car just waiting to be cut into.

We felt a little odd bringing the cake into the restaurant, so we decided to have a private little picnic later. We headed off to the green with our plates, forks and knife. To be honest, I thought this was a great idea, but I didn’t really want to find out… so it wasn’t that important to me. Boy was I wrong.

The anticipation was awesome. We couldn’t wait to find out. We cut the first line of the cake and there was a bit of pink frosting on the knife… this threw us off, but then we realized that it was only frosting. We cut the second side and STILL couldn’t see the color! Finally we just had to pull out the piece. It was so fun, the cake plopped on the plate and announced our new baby….



G is going to have a baby sister and we are THRILLED!!!!