This weekend was great! I am shocked at how much we accomplished. I made 4 sets of training undies. Aren’t they so cute?

Training undies :)

I got the idea from here. I made a few changes to her pattern and learned a couple of things along the way. First, make sure you use underwear for the pattern and not training pants, big difference! And second I added a layer of PUL to try and help with the waterproofing of the undies. And third, I cut the legs a little bit different. I’ll post up my pattern soon since I actually made one in paper!

I also made a maternity shirt (pics soon to come for that.)

G had his swim lesson with daddy. So fun (pics to come of that too!)

We bought a new stove and microwave!! And we saved a bundle. We were able to get the stove and the over the range microwave for less than the original price of the stove itself. I am sooo excited. Our current stove only has 3 working burners and it’s all the small ones and the microwave start button only works sometimes. Not to mention we just switched the house over to gas heat, so this is awesome!!

8812074 Larger Front

       9355574 Angle


We went over to Dan’s cousin’s house to assemble the wedding programs I designed. That took a long time. But it was completely worth it, not to mention they are a great couple and we had a blast spending time with them.

Sunday we went grocery shopping and saved $88.

Whew! It was quite the weekend Smile