Sorry these are a few weeks late. I have been carrying them around in my purse for the last 4 weeks.

I still can’t believe that we’re having a girl. I mean, I literally can’t believe it. I keep hearing stories of people that were told girl and then gave birth to boys!

I would be perfectly happy with a boy, it’s all the masses of pink ruffly things we are getting that I’m worried about. So I’m hoping the doctors are right.

Here are the ultrasounds, what do you think?


Sweet little crossed legs.


Sweet little (and slightly creepy looking) face.


Head and body.


Hiding her face with her arms.



The supposed girl parts. I really can’t tell anything from these last two. I’m taking them for their word.

PS They are circled because we got the results in an envelope to pass off to Betsy so she can make the baby cake.

  • Awww, so wonderful!! Congrats!  I think this is the most magical time in life!  

  • how awesome are these pictures…congrats!

  • Cass

    I see three lines on the last one, that definitely looks like a little girl to me! 😀 Congrats!

  • Essential Mama Baby

    Congratulations! I can see it. You have to picture a baby seating on a glass table and you are looking it from the bottom. Hope it makes sense and help you to see it as well!
    Just sign up for your friday hop! I’m your new follower!

  • Essential Mama Baby

    I forgot to give you my link!