Reality is setting in. Last week D was told that he will not have a job after September 15th. You would think we would be freaking out… but we’re not.

We have a new baby on the way in just under 3 months, and a job that’s disappearing in just under 2 months.

However, I feel peace about this. Yes there are lots of people without work. And we would have to make some seriously drastic changes. Life could get a little scary. But still there is peace.

D’s job has been wonderful. His bosses were really nice and cared about him, he learned a TON and he worked from home. It’s been a great 3 year run, but alas that is coming to an end. We have no regrets and no complaints. Given the choice again we would not change it.

So where do we stand now? At peace. At peace knowing that God is with us through it all. Knowing that we are always better with him than without. Knowing that we will prosper in the end.

Though the road is not always as we think it should be, it is. So here we go… taking a new path in life.

  • cmyoung

    Best of luck to you in this journey….I hope things work our for you 🙂  New GFC follower…would love for you to follow back!

  • Wow! I have a baby due in December and I would be stressing. But you are doing the right thing giving up to God and letting him carry the burden. I hope work is right around the corner for your husband very soon.

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has 2 Hands!

    • I hope so too. I’m trying not to stress, occasionally it gets the better of me… thank God for God! lol